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Rick Santorum? He didn’t get half of what Ron Paul got. (Santorum) lost to the guy who lost so bad (Pawlenty), he dropped out of the race. Santorum?!

Jon Huntsman? Hunstman got 69 votes. If all of Jon Huntsman’s supporters met at the same Ames, Iowa Quizno’s, the fire marshall would say ‘Yeah, that’s fine, no problem.’ Huntsman was the only (other) Mormon running in the straw poll, and he came in second amongst Mormons.

And by the way, this “Pretending Ron Paul doesn’t exist” for some reason — this has been going on for weeks. (Plays MSNBC clip citing Michele Bachmann’s fourth-place finish in a recent USA Today / Gallup poll — behind an unmentioned Ron Paul.) Fourth behind who? Behind who? How did Libertarian Ron Paul become the 13th floor in a hotel? He is Tea Party patient zero! All that small-government grassroots business? He planted that grass!!!

…He’s the one guy in the field — agree with him or don’t agree with him — who doesn’t go out of his way to regurgitate talking points or change what he believes to fit the audience he’s in front of, and you’re treating him (like Gary Busey)!

JON STEWART, on the mainstream media (and even Fox “News”) all but ignoring GOP Ames straw poll second-place finisher Ron Paul, on The Daily Show.

This whole bit was pretty epic.

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